I wasn’t late. I actually saw our professor walking to UST and I talked to her a bit. Then headed to our classroom. The room was freezing. Mam Kit started discussing at around 7:15am after checking the attendance. The lecture was about governance of outsourcing projects. We mainly focused on the word governance because we all know what outsourcing projects are. I was able to understand that in order for any project to succeed or meet the client’s expectations, a standard structure of processes should be followed. No one should deviate from the processes. I was really entertained at Mam Kit’s story about the Capstone Projects of the 4th year students. It was about a panel member who absolutely wanted to find loopholes for the system being presented. The questions was for me, absolutely half witted. But I can’t disclose any more information about the story.

Anyways I understood that both the client and the vendor should have certain communication channels that they are to use in order to consult or inform details about the project. Our professor gave us an example about Microsoft Link which provides the users with ways in order to communicate like chats, video calls, and others. Another thing was that both parties should trust one another and if there is a conflict or disagreement between what the client wants and what the vendor knows they can’t provide, the vendor must force the client to understand why that shouldn’t be. There should also be a reporting mechanism for the vendor and the client. The service level agreement was also the key to governing projects because both parties can always come back to the agreement in order to straighten things out. Some practices can be summarized as building processes that all should follow, elevating the capabilities of the organization in order to meet the demands of the supplier/client, having someone who only knows the processes to supervise the project, negotiation between the parties, having someone who is familiar with the territory and processes that the company is going through, developing metrics, and training certain personnel. Those are the things I understood about Module 9.

Afterwards Module 10 was discussed. It was about managing teams from different global locations. There are a lot of conflicts that can arise from handling global teams. Some examples are language barriers, loss of communication, misunderstandings and others. Certain tools and technologies also help such teams to communicate better like emails, online chats and others. After which, the group for the minor project reported. It was about how the Philippines was becoming a leading country in the BPO industry. But I noticed that it focused more on the call centers rather than actual BPO companies. Our professor cut our time short by 45 minutes and we were able to head out.

IS-ELEC1B- Oct 29

For a long time, our BPO classes were always postponed, cancelled, or suspended. Our first class after the prelims happened just yesterday, October 29, 2015. Our make-up class lasted for 1 and a half hour in between 7 – 9 pm. For the first 30 minutes, our professor only showed us the drafts of our prelim grades. It was still a draft because not all groups have reported for the BPO Trivia which was our Minor Project, only two groups have presented our Major Projects, and the last quiz has not yet been recorded.

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IS-ELEC1B- Oct 1

I was late. Why was I late? I was late for the first time in our BPO class. I even took a taxi just to arrive on time for the quiz. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to take the quiz so I took the taxi and when I got to UST, I ran all the way up to the third floor. When I got to the classroom, I rushed to my unit and took the exam for 2 minutes. Good thing, I studied the night before so I remembered most of the information discussed in Module 5. I only took the quiz for 2 minutes and got a score of 34. I was fine with my score but I wondered what mistake could I have gotten to receive such a score because I was so sure of my answers. Anger told me afterwards that it was Service Level Arrangement and not Service Level Agreement. So that must have been one mistake which cost me 2 points. As for the 2 more questions that I have missed, I have no idea what the true answers were.

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IS-ELEC1B- Sept 24

On the 23rd of September, we finally had our BPO class after 2 missed meetings. I was able to be wake up on time and arrive 10 minutes before the class started. Which was pretty great since the whole week, i was always late for class. The BPO class started with a Minor Project presentation with the group 3. They discusses how PLDT is planning to buy a company in Singapore named Paywhere which focuses on e-commerce websites. The group presentation was satisfactory and the powerpoint slides were readable.  They were able to their chosen topic well.  Continue reading “IS-ELEC1B- Sept 24”

IS-ELEC1B- Sept 3

Wondering where places go

Wondering what might come forward

Wondering if I’d awake

Just in time to pursue onward

Five minutes to seven the bell did ring

Students rush past each other’s side

Running, walking, laughing and yawning

Classes beginning nationwide

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IS-ELEC1B- Aug 27

For the 27th of August, we had a lecture on our Fundamentals of Business Process Outsourcing. But first, we had a quiz about the events that happened last meeting. I had just 1 mistake which was unfortunate and a bit embarrassing because I am certain that my mistake resulted in the bonus question. The bonus question was: What is the name of this course IS-ELEC1B (non-verbatim). I answered Business Process Outsourcing. But after I looked it up, the course name was Fundamentals of Business Process Outsourcing. I only missed the word fundamentals. I was a bit disappointed.

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IS-ELEC1B – Aug 20/ Birthday Card Acivity

Just 2 weeks into the academic year, lectures have already started. IS-ELEC1B, Fundamentals of Business Process Outsourcing, is a very valuable course for Information Systems students who have chosen Service Management as their track. Our second meeting with our professor proved to be informative as well as creative.  Continue reading “IS-ELEC1B – Aug 20/ Birthday Card Acivity”